A personal opinion of stress and depression as a result of disobedience to islam

This reflects the utmost need for more research in this area to make definitive statements about the empirical soundness of such approaches. The King saw that one of the servants was singing and had a very contented look on his face.

Let me observe initially, however, that this article is not intended to deal with possible physiological causes of some forms of depression, e. But if he sees that the battle is being lost, he must realistically acknowledge that death eventually claims us all.

People stress out over things and matters because they are impatient and cannot wait for things to happen the way they want them to happen.

Depression in the Bible: Jonah

I am happy because my family is happy. More from Living and Loving. Learn to be content no matter how dire your conditions are Philippians 4: Trust Jehovah Finally, one must leave the unsolvable to God.

Physical injury or illness Let us suppose a man is involved in a terrible car accident and he becomes paralyzed from the neck down. He could hardly believe it. Consultation with an Imam a Muslim religious leadera Muslim social work professional, or another respected community member can also be helpful.

There are many factors that cause depression and usually there are more than one at work. Footnotes Conflict of Interest: My wife and children are my inspiration; they are content with whatever little I bring home.

In such dark hours of adversity the child of God may reflect upon several things. Email shares Mental disorders in children are a growing concern in South Africa. With these words, the King closed his eyes.

This model explains the illness or personal problems as a possession by spirit jinn. My soul also is sore troubled? Acute effects of transcendental meditation on hemodynamic functioning in middle-aged adults. If you are someone who cannot read or recite the Holy Quran, start learning it from the online Quran teaching academy.

Other way of cognitive restructuring is to help Muslims to learn from the Prophet Muhammad teachings that do not regret for things that have happened in the past, which one cannot go back and change, and to worry about what may happen in the future is useless.

Sufi science of the soul. When Allah Almighty forgives, the burden is lightened from the heart, hence serving as a relief from stress.


It is impossible to categorize those who go through difficult times in boxes, because everyone has their own journey to traverse, but feelings of griefsorrow and sadness are normal challenges that every person faces — this is something that Allah has already put in us.

A fruit tree reminded him, but he felt the apples in his hands. Like that little monkey, we sometimes carry things that seem too valuable to let go.

Muslims tend to look outward, identify their identity in religious teachings, culture, and family. Music therapy Reported evidence shows the magical effect of music to heal the body and strengthen the mind.

The Christian and Depression

Love lost Many a poor soul has descended into the depths of depression when forsaken by a dear friend.[2] Muslim women in UAE are 4 times more likely to get depression than Muslim men and less likely to get help [3] Up to 50% of Arab-Americans shows signs of clinical depression [4] Every 40 seconds, around 20 people attempt suicide.

Stress in Islam, Stress Management Techniques, Stress Relief Strategies, Stress in Children Muslims can deal with prolonged stress better when they understand where it comes from.

Stress, doctors say, usually stress comes from fear of the unknown, the future, and death. Living with Depression and Islam. by Guest Authors. November 13, 11 min read.

Photo: midnightrook. having depression does result me in having troubles to sleep and night as well. I have cared for someone who is sick and developed stress, depression and anxiety myself.

It’s really difficult. Having significant experience with both depression and anxiety, my opinion is that fasting is not a viable solution, other than as a good placebo.

There is already a simple and low-cost way to augment standard forms of psychotherapies and psychopharmacology, in the event that a patient does not find sufficient relief: Natural Stress Relief (NSR).

People bond when they hold common opinions and beliefs, even it’s a form of gossiping. Third, religion and spirituality do what a parent or supervisor at work does: give you 10 laws to abide by. The king was given to fits of prolonged depression wherein he repeatedly attempted to kill David (cf.

ff). Finally, he took his own life! Judas Iscariot. Judas is another example of a man so immersed in depression as a consequence of his betrayal of the Son of God that he .

A personal opinion of stress and depression as a result of disobedience to islam
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